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Midday Snorkel Cruise

Lunch Menu Includes: Crispy Chicken Taro Roll Sliders & Caprese Croissant Sandwiches.  

Also includes Fresh Mac Salad, and Hawaiian Chips.*


Have the opportunity to see turtles, dolphins, whales, flying fish and more!


*Offerings subject to change based on availability.

In Hawaiian, Holo Holo means to explore and cruise, so – let’s go Holo Holo! Upon departing the docks get ready to jump into the water and do some exploration of the beautiful Waikiki Reefs. Cruise by the birthplace of surfing as we find moorage. 


 As with all our cruises, keep an eye on the water as ocean life can be found at anytime, anywhere. We may get a visit from Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin, Humpback Whales (seasonally), Bottlenose Dolphin and even Flying Fish.


After mooring, get ready for some fun in the water. Our professional snorkeling gear and instruction will get you in and under the sea to view our array of tropical fish, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, eels and much more! Have fun jumping off the boat or relaxing at the water’s edge.  


Back aboard, enjoy drinks and your fresh prepped lunch, curated by our very own crew. Let your mind take ease as you experience the ocean, views, and aloha cruising down the coast.

$270 per person // $105 per infant (0-2)


Want the boat to yourselves?

Make it a private charter $1600

Frequently Asked Questions

everything you need to know before Your Mana Experience

MANA Cruises offer both Private Charters and Shared Charters


To define each: 


Private Charter: Our Private Charter options provide a chartered yacht for up to six passengers, with a Captain and Mate included.  All Private Charters are at a set rate, no matter the passenger count (up to six).  Private Charters allow guests more flexibility with the day’s schedule and activities. Private Charters are most popular with couples and families and also includes our drink and menu services.  Yacht rentals are not a service that we offer.  Check our videos below to learn more about the benefits of Private Yacht Chartering on Oahu. 


Shared Charter:  Our Shared Charter is a shared cruise for up to six passengers, with a Captain and Mate included.  These Shared Charters are provided at a “per person” rate, and allows guests to experience a private type trip with other guests.  Shared Charters are less customizable than our Private Charters but still offer great activities guided by our Captain and Mate.  These Shared Charters do also include our drink and menu services.  Check out our videos to learn more about the benefits and differences of Private and Shared Chartering on Oahu.

Read more about “How to Find a Boat to Charter in Hawaii”

6 Passengers

All cruises and charters are limited to a passenger count of six (6) due to Coast Guard regulations.

MANA Cruises promotes a comfortable and intimate setting where ample space is available to everyone.  Whether you are a couple or a  family, rest assured that you’ll have room to stretch out and personal attention at any time. 

Throughout the year we encounter various species of Fish, Turtles, Eels, Rays, Crustaceans and marine mammals such as Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and Humpback Whales (Seasonally Nov-Apr).  Although it is less common, we do come across other large Oceanic Mammals, such as Risso Whales, Rough Tooth Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, False Killer Whales, Melon Headed Whales, Pilot Whales and more!


Though we love to view our wonderful Hawaiian ocean life as much as possible, it is within our company’s discretion to respect the legal and safe viewing distances applicable to each species.


Read More about Hawaii’s Wildlife on our Captain’s Log Here

The short answer is yes!  

Each vessel does come equipped with different types of fishing gear and tackle.  Fishing is by no means guaranteed to be done on shared charters out of respect to those who may not want to fish.  However, often times we do fish on both shared and private charters.    In most cases, we practice “catch & release”; however, our team does reserve the right to take home any legal catches. 

We may catch: Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi), Wahoo (Ono), Dorado (Mahi Mahi), SkipJack Tuna (Aku), White Trevally (Papio), Blue Trevally (Omilu), Goat Fish (Weke), and various other types of pelagic and reef fish. 

Please contact us  if you may have further questions to this topic!

If you’re interested in only fishing, check out our Venture Boat!

Yes, we provide various types of gear to help you enjoy the water!  


For snorkeling we provide professional masks, snorkels, and fins for both youth and adults.  We also provide high visibility snorkeling belts for comfort and safety.  For more in-water fun, we also may have various floats or tubes available.

Absolutely! Please advise us of any dietary restrictions (i.e: Vegan, Vegetarian, Allergic to nuts, etc) at time of booking so we can be sure to accommodate this request.


Please note, that not all requests may be able to be met.  We will do our best to ensure your safety, comfort and satisfaction with our provisions.  Out of caution for safety at sea, we do reserve the right to withhold food or beverage services to guests with severe allergies. 

Enjoy hosted and pre-ordered drinks from MANA Cruises!  


Aboard, we will always offer bottled water, various sodas, local fruit juices, ginger ale and club soda.  Each vessel may vary in regard to availability, but the selection of alcohol can include beer, white wine, spirits, and sparklings. Our spirits consist of Rum, Vodka, Gin and Whiskey.


Specialty drinks are available upon request and at an additional cost.  If you require a certain water, soda, or liquor please contact us or include your request in your booking. We will do our best to accommodate all preferences.


Guests are also welcome to bring any other drinks aboard; MANA Cruises does not charge corkage fees.  Please note, all Red Wine will be prohibited from being boarded due to staining issues.  Our Venture Boat from Ko Olina will provide an annotated drink menu.  

First and foremost, all charters are offered as barefoot cruises for all vessels.  There is no need for heels, shoes or boots as all footwear will be removed. Slip-on type of footwear are easiest for onboarding and deboarding.


For snorkeling charters:  Wear anything comfortable and flexible.  If you plan to jump into the water with us, bring or wear your swimwear.  A hat for sun protection is always a great idea to ensure you don’t burn your upper extremities.


For evening charters:  Button downs and dresses are welcome to the boat, however keep in mind the possibility of windy conditions. Anything comfortable and flexible will always be great.  Whether Summer or Winter, the temperature cools quickly when the sun disappears; bring an extra cover up or sweater if you get cold.


Towels: For any charter that may include snorkeling or swimming, we always kindly suggest bringing towels.  Though we have towels aboard for our guests, the more towels, the merrier.


Sunscreen: For many reasons besides the obvious, we suggest bringing or pre-applying sunscreen to your skin.  Please note that laws in Hawaii have been enacted that restricts use of non reef-safe sunscreens. Join us in protecting our waters by checking your sunscreens before boarding.  


Yes, gratuity in the charter culture is a normal tendency, but much like the general service industry it is never an expectationAny gratuity for your charter crew is a much-welcomed reflection of efforts and care provided by that team. 


Gratuity is not included in any pricing but can be arranged to be added directly to your booking if desired, pre or post charter.  It may also be directly provided to your crew in form of various tender. 


In consideration of many different cultural norms, gratuity in the charter industry may range between 10 and 20%


It is never an expectation, but always very welcomed by all crew.  No matter your consideration, you can always expect to be hosted with aloha and care from our MANA team. 

MANA Cruises proudly departs from two wonderful locations on Oahu: 



 Ko Olina Marina 

92-100 Waipahe Place

Kapolei, HI 96707



Ala Wai Boat Harbor 

1651 Ala Moana Boulevard

Honolulu, HI 96815



Our specific meeting locations are best found using information in your confirmation email provided for each charter. Should you need further assistance or directions to these locations, please call or text us! 

At MANA Cruises, guest comfort is our priority. If you may be prone to motion sickness, we suggest starting prevention early. Over-the-counter remedies before boarding have a high rate of success.  Most motion sickness medications normally recommend starting use 12-24 hours prior to departures.  In most cases, this provides a high rate of success to eliminate motion sickness.


Besides prevention, our experienced crew will ensure that our vessels are driven in as stable conditions as possible. While aboard, stay on the deck for fresh air and fix your gaze on the horizon. Our crew is here to assist, making sure your cruise is enjoyable and comfortable – we’ve got tips and remedies onboard to help you. Remember, the sea’s sway is part of the adventure – we’ll help you navigate it smoothly!

Yes, we have a cancellation policy for both our guests and our company.



  • All reservations must be cancelled no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure.  No refunds will be given to these cancelled reservations.
  • All cancellations due to COVID-19 or domestic and international travel restrictions will be addressed on a “case by case” basis by MANA Cruises and its management team.
  • Reservations booked through third-party affiliates may be subject to different policies and not controlled by MANA Cruises.


  • All charters may be cancelled at the captain’s discretion any time before the scheduled departure.  A full refund will be provided to all paying guests when a cruise or charter is cancelled by MANA Cruises.
  • Though we do our very best to avoid these situations, poor weather, safety concerns, and unforeseen mechanical problems can arise at anytime.
  • Reservations booked through third-party affiliates may be subject to different policies and not controlled by MANA Cruises.

As we seek to enjoy the splendors of our island oceans it is noted that weather plays a large factor in the preparation and completion of a great charter.  Here, at MANA Cruises, our team constantly update and check our weather forecasts to prepare for changes in wind speed and direction, swell size and direction, as well as upper atmospheric flows.


Our goal for every charter is to ensure that safety and comfort will not be compromised.  If there is any consideration of either, our team will work to provide alternate arrangements, reschedule availabilities, or in the rare occasion a cancellation notice.  Please see our cancellation policies FAQ for detailed guidelines. 


We understand that you may be reviewing a forecast that does not look optimal. However, we kindly ask for your trust and discretion as we make the best possible decisions for your charter interests.   Hawaii’s weather is temperamental and can change in just a few minutes.  Understanding and knowing our weather patterns are something we take great pride in.   Remember, rainbows need rain, beaches need swell, and our coconut trees need wind.


If you have questions, call or text us – we’d love to chat!

The Ocean Stewardship User Fee (OSUF), established by Hawaii’s Act 46 in 2021, is a $1 fee applied to all participants of commercial ocean recreation activities. Managed by the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), the fee aims to fund the conservation, protection, and enhancement of Hawaii’s marine ecosystems.


This initiative addresses the impact of marine ecotourism on the environment by funding conservation efforts, educational activities, and enforcement actions to mitigate damage to marine life and habitats. The OSUF is expected to generate between $1 million and $5 million annually, with allocation based on user volume by county. Commercial operators, such as MANA Cruises + Charters are responsible for collecting and remitting these fees. We at MANA Cruises fully support this measure as it seeks to ensure the sustainability of Hawaii’s marine resources, involving ocean users in the stewardship process to preserve the marine environment for future generations.

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