ma·na [mah-nah] / noun / Of Hawaiian, Polynesian Origin Supernatural or divine power; a generalized, supernatural force which may be concentrated in objects or persons.

Trusted. Private. Authentic.

Follow the trust

Backed by hundreds of authentic reviews, trust that you are our priority, always.

All the private feels

Always enjoy a private setting, exceptional service, food, beverage, and more.

Always true to you

Authentic aloha, from the beginning. The spirit of Hawaii lives here, thru and thru.


Derived from the definition itself; MANA Cruises was created with the intent of sharing the mana we have in our waters, coastline, and people.


Locally born & locally driven, MANA Cruises focuses on the authentic Hawaii Charter experience served with quality and endless aloha.


We hope for the opportunity to take you to find your spine tingling, awe inspiring moments that we know as MANA.


We are one! Having worked together for well over a decade, our close-knit crew considers themselves a family of yacht and charter professionals.


Together, we strive to provide the best in all we do; not only for our guests, but for each other, our community, and our environment. We believe in doing what is right, and exceeding expectations.


E kulia i ka nuu! [Strive for the highest]



We are passionate about doing what is right – for our guests, our crew, and our community. We are especially eco-conscious; we use high-end sustainable materials onboard and maintain mandated distance from marine life.
We at MANA Cruises are proud to work with and support Ocean Defenders Alliance. Operating from ship and shore, ODA’s all-volunteer boat and dive crews remove derelict fishing nets, traps, lines, plastic, and other man-made debris threatening ocean wildlife and habitats. MANA Cruises’ own Matthew Hatae has helped launch the Hawaii Sector in 2016 and continues to serve as part of their Board of Advisors, dedicated to cleaning our Hawaiian waters.

Ocean Defender's Alliance Logo, Working for a debris free sea


Four Seasons Oahu

As one of the most recognized symbols of excellence in hospitality, we proudly partner with FS Oahu to care for their guests.

Honolulu Coffee

We have partnered with Honolulu Coffee to bring you a completely customized menu found ONLY on a Mana Cruises Charter.

Margotto Hawaii

Margotto Hawaii is the flagship restaurant of Margotto Japan. They are a specialty truffle chef experience available aboard MANA.


As the world's leading home share app, we partner with Airbnb to provide experiences catered to the luxe new age traveler.

Kokua Sun Care

We proudly use Kokua Sun Care! Locally made, chemical and ‘nasty’ free, reef safe and marine safe.


KONG is the largest international pet specialty brand, and a major supporter of our efforts of sustainability and job creation.

Feel like we're family already?

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