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Spotting the Big M

The Iconic MANAKAHI Sail off Ko Olina’s Coast

Have you ever gazed out from the sun-kissed beaches of Ko Olina and spotted a majestic sailboat with a striking ‘M’ emblem billowing in the wind? It’s a sight that captivates both locals and tourists alike, often leading to the curious question: “What sailboat is that off Ko Olina with the big M?” This is the story of the MANAKAHI, an iconic presence along Oahu’s leeward coast and a symbol of adventure and elegance.

The MANAKAHI: A Symbol of Nautical Elegance

MANAKAHI, belonging to the MANA Cruises fleet, is more than just a sailboat. She represents the original pillar of MANA Cruises, as the flagship vessel – which is a blend of luxury, adventure, and Hawaiian tradition. The big ‘M’ on her sail is not just a logo; it’s a beacon that calls to those seeking an unparalleled oceanic experience. Sailing up and down the leeward coast of Oahu, MANAKAHI offers breathtaking views, unmatched serenity, and an intimate connection with the sea.

But what does MANAKAHI translate to?


ma·na [mah-nah] / noun / Of Hawaiian, Polynesian Origin Supernatural or divine power; a generalized, supernatural force which may be concentrated in objects or persons.


ka·hi [kah-hee] / noun / Of Hawaiian, Polynesian Origin – num. One, first one

A Journey along Ko Olina’s Coastline

Imagine setting sail from the beautiful Ko Olina Marina, the vibrant Hawaiian sun setting the ocean ablaze with colors. As MANAKAHI glides through the water, her iconic sail stands out against the skyline – a moving postcard of tropical allure. Your friends and family on board bask in the beauty of Oahu’s coast, enjoying the unique perspective only a sailboat like MANAKAHI can provide.

What Makes MANAKAHI Special?

Apart from her striking appearance, MANAKAHI is renowned for her eco-friendly sailing experience. Her design minimizes environmental impact, allowing guests to enjoy Oahu’s natural splendor responsibly. Each cruise on MANAKAHI is a journey towards sustainability, an ethos at the heart of MANA Cruises.

Unique Experiences Aboard the MANAKAHI

Snorkeling Adventures: Dive into the crystal-clear waters and explore the vibrant marine life of Oahu.
Sunset Cruises: Witness the magic of a Hawaiian sunset from the best seat in the house.
Cultural Immersion: Learn about Hawaii’s rich maritime history and culture as you sail along its picturesque coast.

The Big M: A Mark of Quality and Adventure

When people ask about the sailboat with the big M, they’re inquiring about a unique experience that merges luxury with adventure. MANAKAHI is more than just a vessel; she’s a gateway to discovering the hidden gems of Hawaii’s coastline, a way to create lasting memories and enjoy moments of pure bliss.

Join Us on the MANAKAHI

Curious to experience the magic for yourself? Join MANA Cruises aboard the MANAKAHI for an unforgettable journey along the leeward coast of Oahu. Whether it’s exploring underwater wonders or simply relaxing under the big M sail, every moment promises to be extraordinary.

Ready to embark on this unique adventure? Visit our Experience Page to book your voyage on the MANAKAHI and discover the heart of Hawaii from the sea.

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