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Welcome to MANA Cruises’ new Captain’s Log!

A captain’s log, also known as a ship’s log or vessel’s log, is a record of a ship’s activities and movements kept by the ship’s captain or other designated officer. The log typically includes information about the ship’s location, course, speed, and weather conditions, as well as any notable events that occurred during the voyage


As this is the very first entry, and we are a little late to the game (5 years since our launch), it would be a great place to write about how it all began!


Our Story:  Mana Cruises

Hilina’i Charters was formed in August of 2021, but in a few short months, we were able to garner the attention of the guys over at MANA Cruises!  We officially joined forces in August of 2022 and have since rebranded.


The “new” Mana Cruises + Charters specializes in providing private and shared yacht charters.  We now proudly offer 3 vessels and operate out of Ko Olina and the Ala Wai.  With a passenger limit of six, we cater to families, couples, corporate suites and more. Trust in our genuine service and aloha with the most and highest rated Private Charter reviews in Hawaii.


From the get go, we’ve wanted to create a unique experience versus something you would find on, let’s say, a “typical Hawaiian Cruise”.  We also understand that even small decisions can make a big impact to our environment.  Representing local centric brands runs in our blood, and we are lucky to be able to call many local brands our friends.


We have partnered with Honolulu Coffee to be able to provide a locally sourced food selection, and they have curated a custom menu of offerings for our signature lunch and dinner menus.  We have also partnered with 3660 On The Rise & Margotto Hawaii to be able to offer a next level dining experience on the water.  (We have private chef’s available for request as well.)


Safety and Eco-tourism are definitely pillars of our core values.  Hence why it was such an easy decision on what sunscreen we supply for our guests on board our vessels: Kōkua Sun Care.  Sustainability of our waters and reefs is definitely a real issue – and a helpful solution is knowledge!  Learn more about their skin care products and why we chose to partner with Kōkua Sun Care.


In the future, we’d love to share stories from the Captains & Crew of our vessels, but for now, please settle for our story through photos, viewable in our gallery!


With the rebranding came a new logo, website and MANA SWAG!  Please take your time around our newly re-imagined website to learn more about our private charter experiences, and in the future, look for the Swag!  Stay tuned for some more exciting news in the near future!


Finally, thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing you aboard!


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