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Private vs. Shared Charters

MANA Cruises’ offers Private & Shared charter options!

View our Availability of a Private or Shared charter available everyday out of Ko Olina – and now out of Waikiki!


To define each:

Private Charter: Our Private Charter options provide a chartered yacht for up to six passengers, with a Captain and Mate included.  All Private Charters are at a set rate, no matter the passenger count (up to six).  Private Charters allow guests more flexibility with the day’s schedule and activities. Private Charters are most popular with couples and families and also includes our drink and menu services.  Yacht rentals are not a service that we offer.  Check out our videos below to learn more about the benefits of Private Yacht Chartering on Oahu.


Shared Charter:  Our Shared Charter is a shared cruise for up to six passengers, with a Captain and Mate included.  These Shared Charters are provided at a “per person” rate, and allows guests to experience a private type trip with other guests.  Shared Charters are less customizable than our Private Charters but still offer great activities guided by our Captain and Mate.  These Shared Charters do also include our drink and menu services.  Check out our videos below to learn more about the benefits and differences of Private and Shared Chartering on Oahu.


There are several benefits to doing a private charter versus a regular shared charter:

  1. Privacy: A private charter allows you to have the entire boat to yourself, which means you can enjoy complete privacy and solitude while you are sailing outside of Ko Olina or snorkeling off of Waikiki. You won’t have to worry about sharing the boat with strangers, and you can plan your day without having to worry about disturbing others.

  2. Customization: You have the opportunity to customize your trip to your specific needs and preferences. You can choose the music, the length of the trip, the activities you want to do, and even the menu for your meals.

  3. Flexibility: With MANA, you’d have complete control over your schedule. You can change add-on that extra hour to catch the sunset, and you don’t have to worry about coordinating with other people.

  4. Luxury: Private yacht charters often offer a higher level of luxury than shared charters. You can expect to find more luxurious amenities and better quality service on a private yacht charter.

  5. Safety: A private yacht charter allows you to have a smaller group of people on board, which can make the trip safer and more enjoyable.


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