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18 Jan

Spotting the Big M

The Iconic MANAKAHI Sail off Ko Olina’s Coast Have you ever gazed out from the sun-kissed beaches of Ko Olina and spotted a majestic sailboat with a striking ‘M’ emblem billowing in the wind? It’s a sight that captivates both locals and tourists alike, often leading to the curious question: “What sailboat is that off […]


21 Dec

How to Find a Boat to Charter in Hawaii

How to Find the Perfect Boat to Charter in Hawaii! (With a captain) Hawaii, a paradise archipelago, offers a unique experience that resonates with the rhythm of the ocean. For those who yearn for a personalized and intimate adventure on these turquoise waters, chartering a boat with a company that already includes a captain is the […]


18 Oct

Cruising with Kids

Cruising with Kids: Family-Friendly Activities with MANA Cruises Setting sail on the turquoise waters of Hawaii is a dream for many, and when you’re traveling with kids, you want to ensure the journey is as enchanting for them as it is for you. MANA Cruises understands this and has crafted an experience that is both […]


13 Sep

Choosing Reef-Safe Sunscreen for Your MANA Adventure

Today we focus on the Sun, Sand & Sustainability!! As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with fiery Hawaiian hues, you’ve just finished another incredible day of exploring the wonders of the islands with MANA Cruises. From snorkeling among beautiful coral reefs to cruising up the magnificent Oahu coastline, your Mana adventure […]


31 Aug

Love For Lahaina

All the love to Lahaina and our Maui ‘Ohana!   It’s with a heavy heart that we fathom the tragedy in West Maui.     As with all islands of Hawaii, we are connected in many ways.  Understanding the loss and tragedy has left our team with heavy hearts and a strong will to do what […]


12 Jul

Waves // Ocean Safety

Navigating the Waves:  The Seriousness of Ocean Safety Ahoy, adventure seekers and sea lovers!  We’re here to share some important insights into the serious matter of ocean safety. While we love the thrill of the open waters as much as you do, it’s crucial to prioritize your well-being. Remember, when it comes to venturing into […]