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Private Charter: 

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  2. Choose a date, and because our Private Charters are fully customizable, choose from the appropriate charter you prefer* (rate: $800 / hr)

Shared Charter:

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  2. Choose a date, shared charters are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (rate: $270 / per person)
*Based on availability

About 2.5 Hours for a Shared Experience


Upon departing the docks, enjoy the view of Leahi as we make way to our snorkel sight. As you pass the surf line up, take a view of Hawaii’s original destination, Waikiki.

Just like our morning cruises, keep an eye on the water as ocean life can be found at anytime, anywhere. We may get a visit from Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin, Humpback Whales (Seasonally), Bottlenose Dolphin, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and even Flying Fish.

As you get comfortable, our Captain and Crew will begin to prepare and plate our Pupu tasting menu for the night. Yes, we call it Pupus – but these Hawaiian style hors d’oeuvres, loved by our Captain and Crew will absolutely excite your palette. Eat, drink, and be merry as you take in the five senses of Hawaii.

Finally, let your mind run free as you watch the sun dip into the horizon to end yet another day in Hawaii. Ready to join us?

Tasting Menu Includes:

Crispy Chicken Katsu Over Rice, Skewered Pork Belly with a Kona Coffee Infused Pineapple Glaze, Local Fresh Ceviche with Kauai Shrimp, Local Greens,
Complementing Garnish and Dressings.*
Drinks & bar options

*Offerings subject to change based on availability.


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