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All the love to Lahaina and our Maui ‘Ohana!


It’s with a heavy heart that we fathom the tragedy in West Maui.  
As with all islands of Hawaii, we are connected in many ways.  Understanding the loss and tragedy has left our team with heavy hearts and a strong will to do what we can to help!  


Over the last few weeks, our team has sprung to action in many ways.  In the most simple fashion, our management team immediately announced that portions of proceeds from all charters operated in the month of August 2023 will be donated to a verified non-profit fund directly related to relief of Maui families affected. Thank you to everyone sailing with us this month.  

Additionally, we’d like to call out individuals of our team who’ve taken to their feet to take action and do what’s possible.  From organizing donations to sailing to Maui to assist in deliveries, we’re proud to have such a great MANA crew.  

As with natural disasters, there is a copious amount of information in the media and it may be a little confusing.  We’d love to speak from the heart and try to help clarify some questionable thoughts we’ve been hearing and seeing: 

  1. “Maui is closed”: There have been comments, posts, and articles mentioning not to travel to Maui.  The affected area of Lahaina and West Maui accounts for a minority percentage of the entire island.  Though the affected areas are closed, it is important to know remaining areas of Maui are still open and unaffected, including: Kihei, Wailea, Kahului, Maalaea and more.  With many in West Maui displaced or out of work, it is important to know that residents in the remaining parts are still in need of work.  Please reconsider cancelling travels to Maui and consider travelling responsibly to help keep Maui’s economy operable.  
  2. “Resources are not available”:  Thoughts have been shared advising cancellation of travel to Hawaii to avoid using our civil resources.  Though this may ring true and factual in many ways, the Hawaii economy is still prepared to withstand the expected tourism, especially on neighbor islands.  To the prior point above, travelling responsibly to any island in Hawaii will be the most help if planning to visit.   Keeping our economy strong will only help with recovery efforts.

The notes above have been published with the intent of clarifying questions that have been received by our MANA team.  If there are any questions you may have, we’d be happy to do our best to answer them! 

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